095 : Miss Iris madly cranks the Ford Fiesta

Are you ready to listen for more than 20 minutes many "Come on!"? If yes, this clip is for you!

Today Iris is going to a friend's party and she wants to drive her old Ford Fiesta, as a mechanic is trying to repair her Fiat. It's a car she doesn't use that much so she decides to take that for a ride! She has a pink shirt, black high waist skirt and black high heels sandals. She loves partying and she doesn't want to be late, so she hopes her Fiesta would start almost immediately, even if nobody used that car for a long time! But after the first scene, in which you can see her Fiesta, we all know how will it goes on... ;-)

She jumps in the car and she tries to crank without luck. You can see that she is getting really mad as she begs and tries desperately to start the car! You have close-up views of her feet pumping hard the accelerator, the brake and the clutch, while she says "Come on!", "Not today!" or "I am going to crush you!" as she tries to start the car...but it has other plans! All those scenes are interleaved with views of her mad face or her shaking body. Sometimes she stops and she looks at the car dash for a couple of seconds trying to understand what's going on and thinking about how to make this shitty car start...

She is so mad and concentrated that she even can't realize that her sandals are slipping out from her feet! At the middle of the video she decides to remove her heels to feel better the pedals, while she says "I try in this way...maybe it's better!" but still her car doesn't want to start AT ALL.

After a lot of thinking, struggling and pumping she is so mad that she decides that she will not go to her friend's party, so she leaves the car there and goes back home.

What a terrible day!

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Frame: 1280 x 720 Filetype: mp4
Release date September 18, 2015
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