COM 320 Week 2 Journal or Quiz

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COM 320 Week 2 Journal or Quiz


Resource: University
of Phoenix Material: Week Two Journal

Complete this
week’s Journal activity.


Take notes
in class during our session 

Complete a
quiz a during the last 30 minutes.

Week Two Journal

Write a 700- to 1,050-word journal
entry identifying the styles of effective listening and how this relates to
you. Answer the following questions:

In what ways does your culture
influence your self-concept?

How much does your gender, age,
race, or other attribute influence this appraisal?

Spend one day focusing on your
listening behavior. Log each listening situation you encounter during the day.

Which listening barriers did
you experience during your day of listening?

Which styles did you use?
Explain the styles you used in each situation.

What are your strengths and
weaknesses as a listener?

Did you notice how other people
listened to you?

What steps might you take to
become a better listener?
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