Luke 15: The Cross & the Prodigal

In this 7 class audio series we will find that throughout the gospels, Jesus often “ate with tax collectors and sinners”. The religious leaders of the day grumbled and muttered – they did not like it. What is Jesus trying to tell us here? Jesus was eating with sinners. He was seeking and saving the lost. In Luke 15 Jesus responds to the grumbling of the religious leaders with a trilogy of parables. We know them as the parables of the lost sheep, lost coin and the famous prodigal son. In the Middle East God is the focus of every biblical story. They refer to these parables as the parables of the good shepherd, the good woman and the Running Father. In these parables Jesus defines repentance as “shub”…allowing ourselves to be found and brought home by God.
--Teaching by Kristi McLelland
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