Demon Drums & Satanic Samples MEGA KIT

I wanted to make a kit that had all the sounds you need and not a whole bunch of trash sounds you will never touch, so after spending hours handpicking 286 of my best samples, I put together 'Demon Drums & Satanic Samples'.

The kit was designed to include all the modern samples you use in your production, but in one organised kit, helping you increase your workflow and not have to search through tons of sub-par kits to find the sounds you want.

On top of this, you will also find HIGHLY sought after Orchestra Hits, VOX Chants and Percs that come from the personal collection of major producers that have never been available for sale!

To compliment this kit I also created 'Nexorcist' a Nexus bank with 15 handcrafted spooky and hot presets. The third addition to this mega kit is 8 of my favourite FL Templates so you can waste absolutely no time making bangers!
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