Vintage Lut For Lightroom

Downloading this will give you a .RAR file that has 1 Vintage type lut for you to import into Adobe Lightroom and to use on your own photography work! in it you will find the Lut file and a few RAW sample photos like you see above, If you enjoy the content and want more make sure to hit up my social media and keep up with anything i put out here,

INSTALLING LUT's In Adobe Lightroom - Open up Lightroom, once you do that and have a photo imported & ready to be edited in the devolop section of Lightroom you're gonna want to right click over user presets and "import" the presets from wherever the file may be saved on your computer, then you're done and ready to apply them!

INSTALLING LUT's In Adobe Premiere - Open up Premiere, once thats done and you have a video on the timeline and the sequence settings all set, you can either go to the effects tab beside the project tab and etc, right click and "import" the presets from wherever you have them downloaded on your computer and apply them or in the project tab after you first put the video in and have all the settings set you can go to the bottom of the tab theres a "new item" option that looks like a post it note, click that and click "adjustment layer" from the mini menu & drag it above the video to fit it perfectly in length , then go to your effects tab and search up "lumetri color" and drag that onto the adjustment layer, after that go to your effect controls tab & under "basic correction" there will be a tab that says "input LUT - none" click that and browse to where you saved the luts and select through one by one.


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