IT 282 Week 1 Assignment Introduction to Operating System

To understand three operating systems, you must first know what an operating system is. An operating system is software that controls the computer. It manages hardware, run applications, provides’ an interface for uses, stores, retrieves files. Here are three operating systems DOS, Windows 2000, and Linux. DOS which is a disk operating system was the first OS [CFoster1] within IBM computers.  DOS was the operating system utilized by early versions of Windows including Windows 3.1 and 3.11. Next, you have Windows 2000, which is an upgraded version of Windows NT and comes in numerous versions some are designed for the desktop and other designed high-end servers. Windows 2000 was a popular choice for corporate offices and their employees. The ultimate reason why Windows 2000 was so successful over Windows NT was because it was more stable, support for Plug and Play, device manager, recovery console,
 [CFoster1]Remember to define acronyms upon first usage. Disk Operating System (DOS), Operating System (OS)
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