The Key to Your Card eBook

Oh no! Not another ACAAN version!
But wait – maybe this one is a version you WILL actually use.
Stefan Olschewski took the old premise and turned it into a 5 minute performance piece that plays great in any setting, from close up to stage. And it will fool even magicians!

A wooden chest is seen resting on a table center stage. Two spectators select a playing card and a number from 1 to 52 in the fairest manner. They may even change their minds as often as they wish. Card and number are written on a sketchpad for everyone to see. A lady from the audience opens the chest. She finds a deck of playing cards inside. She takes the deck, deals through the cards and finds the selected card exactly at the selected number.

  • No awkward counting or calculating 

  • No stooges 

  • No secret switches 

  • No rough and smooth 

  • No pre-show work 

  • Easy to do

  • The spectators may change their mind if they like 

  • The lady herself takes the cards out of the chest 

  • She deals the cards herself 

  • You don’t come near the chest 

  • You NEVER touch the chest or the cards!!!

This ebook delived to you INSTANTLY after ordering (!) shows you exactly how to set up and perform one of the easiest and cleanest variations of the classic plot that will suit any venue. Stefan even includes his full script, audience-tested in hundreds of performances.

What the pros say:

“The method is VERY clever ideed”
Marc Dibowski

“If you're still searching for the ACAAN holy Grail then I recommend you check this out.” 
Peter Duffie 

“I think that Stefan Olschewski's work is clean and beautiful. It's definitely refreshing to read his material, and know that it is solid, audience tested, and workable. I'm a fan.” 
Michael Paul 

“This is one of the most practical, easiest to perform ACAAN versions out there!” 
Ony Carcamo 

John Cesta

Watch the full performance video here

Watch the trailer here

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