Cash Register program using Greedy Algorithm in Java with full source code

Program Formal Description:

1. The driver class should initially fill the register with 0x$100, 0x$50, 10x$20, 20x$10, 20x$5, 0x$2, 50x$1, 80x$0.25, 50x$0.10, 20x$0.05, 100x$0.01

2. The program should ask the user the following:

Make a sale
make change
print balances

3. For a sale: the program class should prompt for the cost and how much of each type of currency were given

4. If the register can not make the correct change, print an appropriate message

5. For making change: the program should ask which currency is being provided and how much of that currency, then it should output what currency is being given

- example, make change, provide 4 quarters, register gives 1x$1
- example, make change, provide 50 dimes, register gives 1x$5 OR 5x$1 OR 4x$1, 4x$0.25

6. For print balances, just show what is currently in the register of every currency

7. Calculate Big-Oh for all 3 processes

8. Calculate actual operations for making a sale and print out (don't forget to include the cost of using any data structures, if you can't calculate the exact cost, use the big-oh value of what you are doing), include comments every time you change the operation count about what is causing the count to go up by that amount.

Note: don't forget to clear the counter after the sale is completed, so the next sale starts its operation count at zero.

Some more Images of the source code:

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