VIDEO - Style and silk


Diana loves her hair and so do we.
She has super silky hair, some of the silkiest we have ever seen.
Her hair is thigh length and every girl´s dream hair. It shines all the time, and whenever she runs her fingers through her hair, they just slikde straight through.

She loves showing it off, and in this video, she is wearin a beautiful outfit, which fits her and her hair really good.

Diana has her own way of playing with her hair, and that way often shows how super silky her hair is, and one of her favorite moves is the "making waves" move which you will see a lot of in this video. It almost looks like a silky waterflow in moving waves, coming straight from heaven.

In this video, you will see long hair play and display, running her fingers through her hair, long hair parting, handheld ponytails, making waves, hairbrushing, lifting her hair, swinging and swaying, ponytail, bun and bundrop and more!

This video is over 15 minutes in length.

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