Saturday AM #41

WE'RE BACK!!!And what a time to bring our brand of CRAZY, GLOBAL and DIVERSE REVOLUTIONARIES back into the manga webcomic space!Issue 41 starts off a new year for us (including the countdown to the EPIC issue #50 --- trust me, it's been in the stages for months now and is going to be KICK-ASS) with an issue packed with Leonardo Massip's ISLANDERS (in FULL COLOR); William Brodie's incredible storytelling ability with the apocalyptic NO To HEAVEN and SAIGAMI by the first lady of shojo/ shonen webcomics - Andrea Voros (who contributes our COLORFULLY BEAUTIFUL cover)!BUT THERE'S MORE!!!Interviews with Jade Sarson (creator of the webcomic Cafe Suade) and Jesse Labbe (in our new INSTAGRAM profiles series!).Also, what is our NEXT ISSUE SURPRISE?? Trust me, folks will be talking!So, stop reading THIS and start reading the issue---after you BUY IT of course!
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