Tetrahedron Decorative Fabric Light Instructions

Make a decorative light feature made of fabric! The light is suitable to replace a candle or nightlight. It is powered by a small watch battery and is made using e-textiles which are electronic components specially designed for use with textiles fabrics. The light in the photo uses a green LED but any colour can be used. There are no wires or any soldering to be done and you just sew the components together!

The instructions tell you how to make the light and include photo instructions and trouble shooting tips. The instructions are in PDF format. They include a pattern template that can be printed out and used to cut fabrics out with. The light can be made by hand or by machine. The instructions show you how to make 2 sizes of light, either 8cm x 11cm or 15cm x 11cm.

You can also buy this project as a pack which includes printed instructions and the e-textiles components to make the project (note the textiles materials are not included in the pack). Visit https://goo.gl/km5mff for more information. 

You can buy the individual e-textiles components for this project from www.kitronik.co.uk.  

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