2016-04 Sonia

Sonia is ready for change. Her long hair bothers her so she want to cut it really short. She can't wait to rid of it. She opts for short haircut with buzzed side and back. She has no regret when her hair's falling on the floor. That pile is just good mess for her. Do you want to see what happens during her makeover?


Hair at the beginning: Long orange to the shoulder blades
Hair at the end: Short red with buzzed side and back
Location: Salon
Hairdresser: Female
Process: Shampoo, cutting wet hair, drying, coloring, shampoo, drying, styling
Interview with model: At the beginning and at the end
English subtitles: Yes
Camera: Active
Format: Full HD 1920 x 1080, 25 fps, .mkv
Size: 1,53 GB
Runtime: 1:16:32

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