HCS 341 Week 2 You Manage it Case Study

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 HCS 341 Week 2 You Manage it Case Study




The Team Leader will choose one “You Manage it” case study from Chapter 5 or Chapter 13.


As a team, discuss and create a 350 to 700 word summary of the case. Use your own words – I do not want to see any copied material from the case. I have already read all the cases, I want to know how your team viewed the case and what was your discussion in regards to the case.


In addition to the team summary, the Team Leader will choose ONE of the critical thinking questions (at the end of each case there are CT questions) to ask the team. The team leader will consolidate the team discussion to this question and place at the end of the team summary.


Do not forget proper APA formatting and grammar and usage.


What I will be looking for in regards to your grade:






Proper Grammar and Usage


APA Formatting


Team Leader: Whomever is the team leader this week, you must send me a private message on Monday the day the assignment is due answering the following question:

Did all team members participate equally? If not, why?  

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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