COSC 450 Project3 1 Project3 – Report on comparison of languages

COSC 450 Project3
Project3 – Report on comparison of languages
Due by 12/8.
1. It is an individual assignment.
2. Each student needs to gather materials for a computer programming language (but not Java, or C,
or the language you used for Project 2), organize the materials in a systematic way, create
appropriate report for the materials, submit your report to the Blackboard by due date.
3. Each report should include the following information if applicable (but not limited to):
a. a brief history of the language;
b. the data types of the language;
c. flow control;
d. subroutines;
e. user defined types;
f. program file organization;
g. generics;
h. concurrency;
i. a summary of the main features (merits and deficiencies) of the language;
j. and importantly a comparison of this language to the language you used in Project1.
COSC 450 Project3
Presenters, Topics, and Dates:
Project2 Project3 Presentation Date
Akinfeleye Kunle Python PHP 12/08
Barton Benjamin Ruby Julia 12/03
Champ James PHP R 12/03
Ebersole Brendan Python AWK 11/24
Fearon Dakota Ruby Pascal 12/08
Gresch Christopher Python JavaScript 12/01
Grossman Anna
Jenkins Adam Python Perl 12/01
Metcalfe Hunter Python Fortran 12/03
Newcomer Eric PHP Haskell 12/08
Raoofi Seyed Haskell Ruby 11/24
Ridenour Curtis PHP VB 12/10
Robertson Luke AWK Lisp 12/10
Rohwein Jayden PHP Basic 12/01
Sanchez Claudia
Shechter Barak Python Swift 12/10
Treasure Alexander Fortran Python 12/03
Tucker Christiana Python SQL 11/24
Yoder Kerwin Python Go 12/08
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