How to Create a High Quality podcast FAST for under $100

This quick A to Z Guide to Podcasting explains everything you need to create, record and share your very own podcast! It is designed to familiarize you with the basics of podcasting, and break down all the technical stuff from recording to posting. You will get an awesome video course full of tips and tricks to create a successful podcast. I provide all the tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes when finding equipment and launching your podcast. Save time and money with this A to Z guide from podcasting expert and educator Laura Meoli. Learn at your own pace, from home or on-the-go.

This course covers all of the following topics:

  • How to record professional sounding podcasts for under $100

  • Microphones, audio recorders, editing software and applications

  • Find guests to be on your podcast

  • How to interview people

  • The best platforms for sharing your podcast

  • Getting your podcast on iTunes for free

  • Hone your concept

  • Choose a podcast format

  • How to write a podcast script

  • How to be a moderator for a debate or panel type show

  • The best recording equipment for you

  • Types of microphones

  • Audio recording tips and tricks

  • How to record a podcast from your home computer or skype

  • Adding music and sound effects

  • Creating a consistent look and feel

  • Branding for your show

  • Types of podcast art

  • Sharing your podcast

  • Podcast Hosting and Uploading

  • Tagging and SEO for podcast success

  • Affordable ways to create a podcast

  • and many more expert tips and tricks

This course lets you keep control of your creative vision. For creative tips and inspiration, follow me on social media @LoudaVision and listen to the LoudaVision Podcast for creative people.

Laura Meoli has condensed 10 years of professional experience creating high-end multimedia, into this A to Z guide. Let’s get your podcast out of your head and into people’s ears!

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