BSHS 407 Week 3 Child Protection Interview Questions

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BSHS 407 Week 3 Child Protection Interview Questions
Collaborate, as a team, to create five questions to interview a professional service provider from a local child protection service center. Avoid the following types of questions:

Closed-ended, resulting in "yes" or "no" answers
Conduct your interviews between Weeks 3 & 4. Ensure that the questions include the following information:

The most frequent abuse allegations
The process the agency uses for identifying sexual child abuse and child neglect
The agency's required interventions for protecting children
The court process
Five questions the team deems relevant to the topic
Each member will conduct an interview using the questions the team created. Have one team member submit the questions.

Note. The results of these interviews will be used for Week 4 Learning Team assignment.

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.

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