WooCommerce Bookings 1.10.7 Extension

WooCommerce Bookings 1.10.7 Extension

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WooCommerce Bookings Extension

Extension Version : 1.10.7
The Bookings extension for WooCommerce adds a new product type to your shop: Sell your time or date based bookings – perfect for offering appointments, services or rentals.

Bookings Changelog ***

2017-08-17 - version 1.10.7

* Add - New functionality to restrict the day a booking can start on.
* Fix - Admin calendar day view incorrect when times below 10am.
* Fix - Bookings calendar on the backend doesn't respect time format in WordPress settings.
* Fix - Bookings with orders created in admin had totals without taxes included.
* Fix - Fatal error when using woocommerce_email_recipient_booking_confirmed
* Fix - Fatal if create_wc_booking used to create booking based on parent.
* Fix - Hour based slots overlapping midnight marks next day as partially booked even though it doesn't affect any of the slots.
* Fix - My Account Bookings default order to booking date instead of date created.
* Fix - Refunded orders will update the Bookings status to Refunded.
* Fix - Today's availability rules were being ignored.
* Tweak - Added filter for wc_bookings_get_time_slots_html.
* Tweak - Added filters to allow switching to date created for My Account Bookings.
* Tweak - Added wc_bookings_summary_list_date filter for wc_bookings_get_summary_list.
* Tweak - Automatically open calendar when clicking on any of the Month/Day/Year input boxes.
* Tweak - Moved Booking Display to templates for orders on both front-end and admin.
* Tweak - Moved Booking Summary list to templates for orders on both front-end and admin.
* Tweak - Send confirmation email for manually created bookings without an order.
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WooCommerce Bookings 1.10.7 Extension
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