HSM 240 Week 2 Court Decisions

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HSM 240 Week 2 Court Decisions
Resource: Electronic Reserve Readings
Review one of the three Electronic Reserve Readings for this week.
Explain in 250-350 words why you agree or disagree with the decision in your chosen Electronic Reserve Reading. Make sure to include an analysis of the courts infkluences based on your understanding of Chapter 2: 

  • —  How much does the decision change the policies that already exist (and were created by law)?

  • —  To what extent  does the decision address due process and substantive procedural issues?

  • —  To what extent is the decision a departure from current policies and procedures...does it set precedent.        Negate the previous practices?

  • —  Did the court delegate responsibility to official to make general or specific policy changes?

 Provide specific examples or reasons for your opinion, such as outcomes, figures, statistics, and facts.
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