CRUSHED Can O' Tambos (orange edition) EVERY TEMPO from 50-154bpm

Distorted, Compressed, Bit-crushed!

This wooden tambourine was recorded with a Coles 4038 ribbon microphone through an API 512c microphone preamp by award winning producers/engineers.

Loops are recorded at EVERY tempo from 50bpm to 154bpm... that’s 105 different loops and tempos if you’re counting.

Each loop is seamlessly “loopable” and no 2 loops are alike (no time stretching or cheating to make other tempos).

PLUS, you get a variety of single hits and tambo shakes of varying lengths and decay.

Inside, you’ll find folders containing 3 different levels/types of distorted tambourine loops, each in 2 different bit rate and resolutions (24bit/48khz and 16bit/44.1khz), as WAV files.

Crushed Tambos A: moderately compressed, minimally distorted, EQ’d Crushed Tambos B: moderately compressed, bit crushed, distorted
Crushed Tambos C: compressed, distorted/overdriven through guitar amplifier

Simply drop them into your DAW, on the grid, using the tempo you need. Boom. No more time-stretching old overused loops, or setting up gear to record a new loop... just drag and drop one of these from the Can O’ Tambos!
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