Donation Dollars Solution

You have been asked to design a database system for
DonationDollars, a company that wants to facilitate donations to non-profit
organizations via an online service. To do this, DonationDollars presents an
online profile for each company on a website. Here, other people can make
donations to the cause. The website shows the number of dollars gathered in a
given time, the people who donated (can be by name or anonymous) and the amount
of money donated. In addition to facilitating this exchange online,
DonationDollars needs to transfer all money to the correct organization, send a
thank-you letter to the person who is donating the money (for tax deduction
purposes) and keep track of the total amounts of dollars donated to all
different companies. For example, one organization that uses DonationDollars
could be the Pet Orphanage, a shelter for animals. As an individual, you can
donate money online to the Pet Orphanage using the website put up by DonationDollars.
Design a database for this project. • Show the ER
diagram for your database. There should be at least 4 entities with their
relations. Clearly describe and explain all the symbols you use for your ER
diagram. (50)

 • Show the corresponding Relational Model (40)

• Explain the difference between an ER diagram and
your Relational Model showing the tables. (10)
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