Debbie's Blonde Highlights and Trim - VOD Digital Video on Demand

A very nervous Debbie comes in for some blond highlights and a trim. Her long hair is brushed out before she is covered with a green shampoo cape and has a neck strip wrapped around her neck. Her hair is parted and clipped up. The stylist uses the tip of the pintail comb to separate strands of hair, which is then laid upon the Sanek See Thru Foil. This foil is fantastic as the foil does not need to be opened up to check on the highlights, as there is a clear strip where the hair can be viewed easily. While Debbie's highlights are processing, she relaxes and looks at a hair magazine. After the processing time is up, a 1940's shampoo tray is mounted on the barber chair, and the barber chair is reclined backwards. Once all the foil has been removed, Debbie's hair is quickly shampooed to remove the chemicals. Her hair is toweled off and she is handed a hair dryer to dry her hair in another room. When Debbie is back in the chair, the stylist uses a scissors to trim 4-5 inches of damaged ends. Now Debbie has healthy hair with beautiful, subtle blond highlights. Duration approx 104 minutes, screen size: 720x480, format .mwv
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