IEP  Classroom Goals

IEP Classroom Goals

IEP  Classroom Goals


1. Student B will demonstrate knowledge of geometrical shapes, i.e., circle, square, triangle, and rectangle by identifying functional objects in her environment that have the geometric shapes.

2. Student B will verbally name the geometric shape of objects in her environment.


Student B will identify living animals.
Student B will categorize living animals in the order of forest, zoo, pets, farm and exotic wild animals.
English Language Arts

During a follow along literacy activity, Student B will listen to an adapted story that is based on the month of April. Student B will then answer 6/7 questions that are based on the month of April.

Social Studies

Student B will verbally respond to who, what where and why questions that are based on the upcoming presidential election.

Gym or adapted Physical Education

1.      Student B will push a bowling ball down an adapted ramp to knock three bowling pins down.

2.      Student B will throw bean bags into an adapted bucket.

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