Question: CASE #1 Brian Hanson sustained a paralyzing injury....DOCX

Question: CASE #1 Brian Hanson sustained a paralyzing injury...

Brian Hanson sustained a paralyzing injury while playing in a lacrosse match
between Ohio State University and Ashland University.
Hanson had interceded in a fight between one of his teammates and an Ashland player, William Kynast. Hanson grabbed Kynast in a bear hug, but Kynast threw Hanson off his back. Hanson’s head struck the ground, resulting in serious injuries. An ambulance
was summoned, and after several delays, Hanson was transported to a local hospital where he underwent surgery. Doctors determined that Hanson suffered a compression fracture of his sixth
spinal vertebrae. Hanson, now an incomplete quadriplegic, subsequently filed suit against Ashland University, maintaining that because Kynast was acting as the agent of Ashland, the university was therefore liable for Kynast’s alleged wrongful acts .Was Kynast an agent of Ashland?
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