ENG 200 Week 2 Argument Evaluation and Response

ENG 200 Week 2 Argument Evaluation and Response

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 ENG 200 Week 2 Argument Evaluation and Response

Arguments can be easily misunderstood and misinterpreted. There may be times when we do not fully evaluate arguments before forming our response to them. Would our response have been different if we fully understood what was being argued? Argument evaluation is important in everyday life to help you communicate effectively with others, and to function in the world around you. This assignment requires you to evaluate a written argument through identifying the claim and the supporting evidence. After evaluating the argument, you will form your response based on your evaluation.

Select an article from one of the themes on the Argument Evaluation Topic List.

Locate that article in the University Library.

Read the article, and use the tips provided on p. 171 in Ch. 5 and p. 229 in Ch. 7 of Elements of Argument to evaluate the effectiveness of the author’s claim and analyze the supporting evidence.

Write a 350-word summary of your evaluation. Include the following:




Identify the author’s claim.


Evaluate the effectiveness of the author’s claim.


Identify and analyze the supporting evidence connected to the claim.


Respond to the argument based on your evaluation. Use the tips in Ch. 4 of Elements of Argument for guidance on how to form your response.


Format your summary according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Include an APA-formatted title page. Any ideas used from the textbook or the individual article should be cited appropriately using in-text citations, as well as a references page citation. Use the Reference and Citation Generator in the Center for Writing Excellence for assistance with citations, if necessary.

The Argument Evaluation and Response Grading Guide will be used to grade your assignment.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.
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