Remembering Your Mastery 2 -  Week 1

Remembering Your Mastery 2 - Week 1

We invite you to experience a Group Intensive workshop with direct guidance and wisdom from Ascended Masters Serapis Bey, St Germain & Kuthumi via international channeller and teacher Rebecca Dawson. This will be presented in 4 weekly evenings, allowing time for maximum integration and practice in between. 

This course is designed to bring you into a new awareness of your capacity to CREATE NEW REALITIES, and will be presented in a way that encourages you to immerse yourself in a new landscape of potential. Both theory and practice is a part of this experience. 

If you have participated in the first "Remembering Your Mastery Course", or if you have strong grounding in meditative and/or energy practices, then this 4 week series will both challenge and ignite you.

Are you ready ....... ?
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