base hourly wage c++

Instructions - For this assignment, let's do the following:

1.Write an application that asks the user to enter the base hourly wage for an employee and then asks the user to enter the number of hours worked for each week in the 4-week pay period. The application should then calculate the gross pay for the monthly (4-week) pay period. As indicated, the employee is paid time and half for any hours over 40 in a given week.

2. The code for your application can use either a for loop or a while loop to handle the user input. (A for loop makes better sense.)

3. Make sure that your application uses at least 1 custom function (i.e., a function that you define). Your code will also need to use appropriate conditional structures, but that shouldn't be a problem given the nature of the program. Pass values to the custom function as parameters - don't rely on global variables.
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