Kats Big Hair with White Perm Rod Roller Set in Beauty Salon - VOD Digital Video on Demand

Trying something new, setting up three cameras for a unique POV, Kat sits down in the salon chair at Carmen's Creative Styling in Columbia Heights, Minnesota, for a shampoo, set, and style. After a nice shampoo, the stylist winds Kat's hair with white perm rods. Instead of sitting under the dryer directly after the rod set, Kat walks around a bit in her rods. (You'll see Kat briefly working the film camera for a fun behind-the-scenes look.) The stylist turns on the vintage chair hair dryer and Kat has a seat next to Angie, a model who is sitting under the dryer with her hair in curlers and covered with a hair net. After about 9 minutes under the dryer, it's time for Kat's rods to come out. The rods leave Kat's hair quite curly...except for a few spots in back where the hair was still wet. So what is a stylist to do when that happens? Make a style out of it! Using a comb, the stylist teases the curls out in front and in the sides, resulting in a large head of hair. Now in the back, she smooths out the curls for a soft wave. The stylist removes the pink comb-out cape, and Kat stands and looks stunning in a feminine lacy blouse and broach at the neck, a black satin skirt, dark pantyhose, and Victorian high-heeled shoes. A very professional and classic look for the office or a lovely dinner date. This video approx. 59 minutes, 343.9 MB, screen size 640x480
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