ENG 295 Week 1 Once

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 ENG 295 Week 1 Once

Here’s a little about me.  I am in my 10th year here at UoP (Wow! Time flies!)  I love being an online professor!  I live in MI and in KY.  My husband’s job keeps us on the road quite a bit.

I would love to learn more about you.  Since it is an English class, I like to let you be creative with your postings.  For your intro, I would like for you to tell us about yourself, as usual, but also, please tell us 3 things you have only done once.  The style is sort of poetic and appropriate for this first week.

Here are mine:


Once, I got married.

Once, I lived in England.

Once, I was hit by a drunk driver.

Once, I was lost in Paris.

Once, I survived.


Your turn.  What did you do only once?  Feel free to put more and make this as poetic as you like (or not is ok too :o).
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