The Boomjacks Drum Library

The Boomjacks Drum Library is a drum kit consisting of 332 "go to" sounds from our very own drum stashes that we've been accumulating for close to a decade. These are not edited or layered samples from other drum kits. The sounds are single-shot samples recorded from old dusty records. These drum samples have not been destroyed by tweaking, compressing or "mastering", all that is up to you. Perfect for beat makers & producers who want to layer and tweak their drums to build their own sound.

  • Total of 332 samples

  • 93 kick samples

  • 82 snare samples

  • 28 snare roll samples

  • 18 rimshot samples

  • 58 hi-hat samples

  • 32 open hi-hat samples

  • 21 percussion samples

  • 16-bit mono wav files.

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