Managerial Accounting: E24-19 The Ferrell Transportation Company uses a responsibility reporting

Managerial Accounting

E24-19 Prepare missing amounts in responsibility reports for three investment centers
The Ferrell Transportation Company uses a responsibility reporting system to measure the performance of its three investment centers: Planes, Taxis and Limos. Segment performance is measured using a system of responsibility reports and return on investment calculations. The allocation of resources within the company and the segment manager's bonuses are based in part on the results shown in these reports.
Recently, the company was the victim of a computer virus that deleted portions of the company's accounting records. This was discovered when the current period's responsibility report were being prepared. The printout of the actual operating results appeared as follows.
Planes Taxi Limos
Service revenue 503,900
Variable costs 5,503,600 300,700
Contribution margin 245,300 440,536
Controllable fixed costs 1,501,800
Controllable margin 84,000 197,236
Average operating assets 25,049,300 1,517,200
Return on investment 10% 11%

Determine the missing pieces of the information below. (Round intermediate calculations and final answers to 0 decimal places, e.g. 1,255.)
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