COMM 470 Week 2 DQ 1

The text Electronic Commerce 2008 p.129 states, “A survey by Knowledge Networks/Statistical
Research Inc. (Castex 2003) shows that online entertainment is already the most popular
medium in the United States among young people between the ages of 8 and 17. Thirty three
percent of these respondents prefer to be entertained online, whereas only 26 percent
prefer to watch television.”
Research dictates that many young adults now want his or her entertainment online. Many people have the opportunity to submit their own videos. Because of this, executives are faced with an influx of competition from new ideas and many of these ideas have made people famous. I believe the vast amount of reality shows are in part a solution and by-product of you tube. You cannot talk to someone under 25 who doesn't watch YouTube. For many of them, it is exclusively what they watch. Hence, it's the new television. The gathering ground. The virtual town center ( Executives have a dilemma on their hands and possibly what could happen, in my opinion, would be a melding of the two in a television format
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