What's inside: Video: https://gyazo.com/3f3fad5495a87736618f0a4d50b09efc
Image: https://gyazo.com/d56ea7ff45907f654759c0a99138add0

  • Photography (Free for even commercial use!)

  • COD Thumbnail Guns

  • Fortnite renders

  • Flares

  • Fonts

  • Paint

  • Painted dragons

  • Textures and screens

  • Halftones

  • Grain

  • Retro video icons

  • CaroonFX (Thumbnail effects)

  • Clouds and smoke

  • Shapes

  • Brushes (Updated!)

  • Lights

  • Fire and sparks

  • Layerstyles 1 (Completely new set!)

  • Layerstyles 2

  • Glitch

  • Icons

  • Color Corrections (More than ever in my packs!)

  • Comic grain

  • Backings

  • Smooth paint splashes (Made with custom brushes!) 'haven't seen these before!'

  • Particles (Alot and many different ones) All you need!

  • Manipulation (eg wallpapers and png files)

  • Stocks (HELL OF A LOT)

  • COD WW2 Wallpapers

Hopefully you will enjoy this and let me say, this is well worth the money. You get so much stuff to use in your designs!
But vesooo, you said it will be 2.6gb and it says that I'd get a 464mb fileee...
A: 2.6GB is the uncompressed file once you open it in photoshop. PSD files have an automatic compression!

More than you need... and even more!
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