GEO 180 Week 3 Soil Paper

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GEO 180 Week 3 Soil Paper
Consider the following:

 Imagine that you work for the United States Department of Agriculture. One of the farmers in your geographical area asks you what kind of crop would grow most effectively on the farm. Provide advice for this farmer.

 Write at least a 700-word paper on soil composition in your geographical area. Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion.

 Address the following in your paper:

The composition of soils
How soils are formed
The uses of soils
The kinds of crops that grow most effectively in your geographical area
Include photos, diagrams, or graphs as appropriate that will help you answer the questions. Additionally, include citations from at least two peer reviewed references other than the textbook.

Format your assignment, citations, and references consistent with APA guidelines. Be sure to include an introduction and conclusion and a separate reference page formatted per APA.  

 Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. When submitting the assignment as the saved file include your first initial, last name and the name of the assignment. For example, A. Smith GEO 180 Soil Paper
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