Alexandra's Mohawk Haircut

Alexandra Rex wants a real Mohawk, one professionally done, not a homemade one that she had before. During Alexandra's brief Q&A, we find that Alexandra
prefers short hair, but it's hard to find a stylist who will cut woman's hair as short as requested. Our stylist has no problems giving women their desired short haircuts. After caping Alexandra with a bright yellow cape and neck strip, the stylist uses parts her hair, and uses a clippers to buzz down the sides.

Once all the side hair has fallen to the floor, hot later is applied to
her freshly sheared scalp, a disposable razor used. The mics on the camera pick up every scritch-scratch sound. When the shaving is done, the Mohawk is released from the clips and a scissors and thinning shears used to lighten the hair weight, so that with gel, the Mohawk can stand up nicely. The hair is cut dry - no spray bottle used. With the cutting done, blue hair gel and a hair dryer perks up the Mohawk a bit. (For reference, to get a Mohawk to stand up nicely, damp the hair, apply gel from near roots to tip, and comb it out while head is bent down and a hair dryer going.) Alexandra picks out a temporary tattoo, and Kat applies it to Alexandra's head.
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