ADJ215 - Week 8 Checkpoint

The program known as Drug Abuse Resistance Education, which is more commonly known are DARE, and has a main goal of preventing young adults and adolescents from becoming drug abusers. DARE was credit in 1983 and has managed to get involved in 75 percent of the schools in the United States. DARE is designed to empower our youngsters to stay as far away from drugs and alcohol by teaching them skills that will help them make the right decisions when it comes resisting peer pressure and from becoming members of a gang and staying away from violence (DARE).

When it comes to administering the program, the local police departments are in charge of teaching the program to young people ranging from the ages of five to 18 years old. One thing, for example, that DARE teaches the children that there are many different kinds of drugs out there and what those drugs do to the human body
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