IT 210 Week 2 Application level requirements (final project draft part 1)

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IT 210 Week 2 Application level
requirements (final project draft part 1)

Resources: Appendix B
and Appendix F

Complete the following assignment using Appendix F.

This Checkpoint has three parts:

  1. List the
    application-level requirements for the Currency Conversion project
    described in Appendix A.  This is the final project.  The
    text does not specifically address application level requirements. 
    Please think of these requirements as what the program must perform in
    order to meet its intended function.  
    Please take advantage
    of Example below to see how to develop application level

  2. Use a
    structured programming approach to generate an input-process-output (IPO)
    table for the Currency Conversion project.  Appendix B is an example
    of an IPO table.  Please use the preferred format for an IPO table as
    you used in Week 1's Checkpoint.

  3. Generate the
    hierarchy chart for the Currency Conversion project.


Suppose the program is intended to find the area of a circle given its
diameter.  The user will input the diameter and the program will compute
the area of the circle.  The program will also display the results
including the diameter and area.  For this problem, the application level
requirements would be:

1.  The program shall display to the user to enter
the diameter of the circle for which the area is to be computed.

2.  The program shall compute the area using the

Area = 3.14 * Diameter.

3.  The program shall display the diameter and the

Please note the use of the word "shall" in each

Post Appendix F as an attachment in the
Assignments link.
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