Linde Electric Stacking Truck Type 379: L10, L12 SN from R03974 Operating Instructions

Original Illustrated Factory Operating Instructions (User Manual) for Linde Electric Stacking Truck Type 379.

Original factory manuals for Linde Forklift Trucks, contains high quality images, circuit diagrams and instructions to help you to operate and repair your truck

Covered models:
L10 SN from R03977
L12 SN from R03974

Format: PDF,56 Pages
Language: English


    Plates and labels
    Technical data
    Technical description
    General view L 10 - L 12
    Controls L10 - L12
    Combined hour meter
    Discharge limiter indicator 
Operation / Daily checks and maintenance prior to operation
    Safety rules 
    Safety information
    Handling lubricants
    Advice for initial use
    Checks before initial operation
    Daily checks before use
    Check the Forward/Reverse and raise/lower controls 
    Check the safety braking
    Check the L12 automatic braking
    Check emergency isolator operation
    Check operation of horn
    Check the battery state of charge
    Open the battery cover with vertical outlet
    Connect/disconnect the battery
    Charge the battery with the integrated charger 
    Faults during charging
    Remove the mains power supply cord
    Charger electrical data
    Special case of gelled batteries
    Recharging the battery with anexternal charger 
    Check the condition of cables, terminals and battery contact
    Check level of electrolyte and water supplement 
    Check the electrolyte gravity
    Remove/replace the battery
    Chang the battery with the help of a hoist.
Operation L10 - L12
    Instructions for use
    Marking the travel direction 
    Forward travel
    Reverse travel
    Direction of travel reversal
    Safety reverser
    Emergency stop button. 
    Operating the truck on ramps. 
    Ascending slopes. 
    Descending slopes. 
    Starting on a slope. 
    Mechanical braking. 
    Braking by reversing the direction of motion. 
    Parking brake. 
    L.B.C. (Linde Brake Control) automatic braking. 
    Horn control. 
Use of the mast
    Use of the mast. 
    Chassis lifting controls for L10 - L12. 
    Tiller lifting controls for L10 - L12 . 
    Tiller lifting controls for L10Premier. 
Handling loads
    Capacities L10 - L12. 
    Reading the load diagram L10 - L12. 
    Picking up a load on the ground . 
    Transporting a load. 
    Putting down the load on the ground. 
    Stacking a load. 
    Picking up a load at a height. 
    Before leaving the truck. 
Slinging, towing and removing the mast
    Slinging the truck. 
    Raising the order picker. 
    Removing the mast. 
    Transporting and storing the truck. 
    General remarks. 
    Work on the lifting mast. 
    Simplex lifting mast. 
    Safety device for the Simplex lifting mast . 
    Standard lifting mast. 
    Safety device for the Standard lifting mast. 
    Duplex lifting mast. 
    Safety device for the Duplex lifting mast . 
    Checks and maintenance work after the first 50 hours of service
    Schedule of maintenance operations.
Maintenance as required
    Cleaning the truck
    Opening the front cover
    Releasing the flexible cover to access reduction gear unit and motor
    Cleaning the battery and battery compartment
    Battery in sealed case
    Fuse check
Maintenance every 500 hours
    Checking hydraulic circuit sealing
    Checking hydraulic oil level 
    Replacing traction motor brushes
    Cleaning the electrical plate and checking the electrical connections
    Cleaning and checking contact wear
    Checking the condition of cables, terminals and battery contact
    Checking the incorporated charger
    Checking the electrolyte level and density
    Adjusting the height of the stabiliser wheel
    Checking the condition and fixing of the mast and chains
    Checking the mast protections
    Adjusting the length of mast chains
    Check the condition and fixing of wheels
    Checking and controlling the brake controls
    Checking the transmission belt status
    Checking articulations
    Cleaning and greasing the mast and chains
Maintenance every 1000 hours
    Cleaning the hydraulic filters and breather
    Replacing pump motor brushes
    Checking the mechanical fixing of components
Maintenance every 2000 hours
    Replacing the hydraulic oil
    Recommended lubricants/ Technical data
    Hydraulic diagrams
    Electrical diagrams
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