VIDEO - In front of her face


Alena loves being playful when she is modeling for us, and she loves doing funny and playful videos which requires some creativity, both from us and from her part as well.
You can really see that she enjoys being a model in this video.
She loves every video, but this one epsecially.
Her task is to make hairstyles with all her hair in front of her face, and whether it´s a bun, braid, loose hair or ponytail or whatever other hairstyle you can think of, she has to have it in front of her face.

Although she has super heavy and thick floor length hair, it does not look like this is very hard for her, it´s just like a walk in the park.

She starts off the video by showing it off a little, playing with it and lifting it, and then putting it in front of her face.
It is not only her face that is getting hidden. Her massive floor length mane covers her completely almost every time and she is really hard to see sometimes, but we can´t really complain on only seeing her hair either..
She does some amazing long hair moves, slowly swinging it from side to side, creating those huge wave-like movements that only floor length hair can do.

She then grabs all her hair, and she is forcing it into a hairband several times, creating a ponytail. Just watching her create a ponytail is amazing to see, and it looks like she has to have some serious arm muscles to cope with all that heavy mass of silk!

She brushes her hair a little so you won´t see one single tangle, followed by making a gigantic bun right in front of her face. One thing is for sure, she is not able to see through THAT bun!

How do you think a "bun right in front of the face"-drop look like?
Well, you´re about to see that, and it looks stunning!
At the end of the video, she does a little more hair play and makes her braid which has made her a celebrity, the dangerously thick super braid of Alena, but this time, it´s in front of her face.
Some braid show are also done at the end of the video.

In this video, you will see the following (everything done in front of the face): bun and bundrop, long hair play and display, long hair posing, long hair lifting, ponytails and handhelp ponytails, a superthick long braid and much more!

This video is over 11 minutes in length.
Publication date: 2. April 2018

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