Baby Bunny Bundle! W/Resale Rights!

Bundle includes RESALE RIGHTS please read following terms and rules BEFORE buying!! LIMITED EASTER BUNDLE! 0/5Set will include MOUTH CARROT, BUNNY EARS, BUNNY OUTFIT AND BUNNY SHOES PNG ONLY!!
  • I MUST be stated as the original creator and owner of the file WHEREVER you sell this file.
  • This set INCLUDES resale rights however you may not put your price lower than $16. If you make SIGNIFICANT changes [not just a recolor] you may put the price no lower than $10.
  • You may not sell this file WITH RESALE RIGHTS under any circumstances, only I have that right, however you may sell the file in your shop once stating who the original creator is [DarkDeviL].
  • I store all emails associated with files and when purchasing this file, I also store what file was purchased using that email for my own personal proof.
  • You MUST message me via IMVU/sellfy or email [[email protected]] with your IMVU name, to prevent any confusion. I also recommend strongly that all sellers store who they sell the file too also.

This file is on my alt AlienQEve if you would like to try before you buy 
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