156 : Miss Maddy cranking and revving the WV Beetle

Miss Maddy today has a really important appointment that makes her feel really nervous.

So she gets in the car and starts rolling a cigarette to calm her nerves, maybe it will calm her down! While trying to relax, she does a bit of dangling with her red heels with the
drivers' door open.

After she finished her cigarette, she is feeling very calm, so she is now ready to go! 

But the old beetle doesn't want to! So it refuses to start once, twice and more!

The poor Maddy pumps the pedals hard, with and without her shoes, while pleading and insulting the car for its temperament! The more the car doesn't want to start, the more she gets angry at it!

She pushes the pedals so hard that they can break in every moment! 

But after a while, her patience is rewarded and the Beetle finally starts!

She is super happy of that, but she wants to rev the engine a lot to be sure that it will not stall!

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