Review the passage below, which contains 20 errors. Identify these errors by marking each of the errors in bold, and make your correction in parentheses after the error.


Example: My cars interior is black.

This must be marked as follows: My cars (car’s) interior is black.


The 20 errors are in the following categories: comma usage (six errors)    IIIIII

question marks, apostrophes, and quotation marks (five errors)              IIIII

capitalization (six errors)                                                                        IIIIII

and colons, semi-colons, and commonly misused words (three errors).   III




Why are great (big[MSOffice1] ) numbers of students choosing to pursue their college degrees using their home computers.(?) Benjamin Franklin said; , (“)A (a) penny saved is a penny earned(.)”. This principle applies to the american (American) and foreign online student(‘s). Todays (Today’s) students choose to take online courses to save money on transportation, books, babysitters(,) and supplies.

 [MSOffice1]Word choice error: Word choice used is fine.
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