Shooter Template for Unity

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*Requires Unity 5.6.1 or higher.

Current Version: 1.2.0

After more then 1 year building up a solid Character Controller base with the Basic Locomotion Template and the Melee Combat Template we finally publish our most requested template.

Invector's Shooter Template is inspired by AAA shooters and includes all the features of the Basic & Melee template, plus:

  • ThirdPerson, TopDown or 2.5D Shooter & Melee

  • Projectile bullets with trail renderer

  • Throwing objects with Trajectory system (grenade, bottles, etc..)

  • Melee attacks for fire weapons

  • Advanced damage based on distance & velocity 

  • Decal for projectiles based on tags (different materials)

  • Advanced Scope View

  • Aiming System with dispersion, range, shot frequency, recoil, etc...

  • Particles E

Next updates will bring:

  • Cover System 

  • Simple AI Shooter 

  • AI hear, search & wandering

  • Stealth Kill 

  • * not necessarily in that order

*Remember that the focus of this template is the Character Controller, it's not a Game Template, neither an AI template. The AI is just a cool bonus.
**Don't forget to make a backup of your project before importing a complete project.

You're not allow to redistribute this package by any means, please remember that we work very hard on this tool and the reason that we continue to work is because of your support. You can however create your game and publish to any plataform of your interest without the need to ask for permission or credits us.

Refund Policy: We are not offering refunds anymore because even if I refund your money, there is no way for you to "return" the asset and code. The end result is that you keep both the money and the code.
Take a look into the documentation, demos, videos and reviews before you purchase. Also, feel free to ask any questions at [email protected]
I apologize if this sounds rude and I hope you can understand.
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