Managerial Accounting: P3-10 Carnival Caramel Company makes a high-quality caramel candy

Managerial Accounting PROBLEM 3-10. Comprehensive Problem, Two Departments 
Carnival Caramel Company makes a high-quality caramel candy. The manufacturing process involves mixing ingredients (Mixing Department) and shaping the processed mixture into 1-pound balls (Shaping Department), which are sold to retail outlets. No additional material is added in the shaping process. The following information is related to production in March: 
Mixing Shaping 
Unit Information 
Beginning Work in Process 
(Mixing: 100% material, 70% conversion costs) 3,000 
(Shaping: 80% conversion costs) 4,000 
Started during March 45,000 ? 
Ending Work in Process 
(Mixing: 100% material, 50% conversion costs) 2,000 
(Shaping: 60% conversion costs) 1,000 
Cost Information, Beginning Work in Process 
Direct material 4,000 - 
Direct labor 1,600 800 
Manufacturing overhead 1,900 600 
Transferred-in cost - 4,420 
Cost Added during March 
Direct material 45,440 - 
Direct labor 23,310 13,584 
Manufacturing overhead 25,830 9,320 
Transferred-in cost - ? 
Prepare production cost reports for Mixing and Shaping for the month of March. In your calculations, round to two decimal places.
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