The Future Of The New York Times

News has never been the same since Henry Raymond and George Jones decided to use a simplistic machine called the penny press to create the newspaper The New York Daily Times. Even though there were several competing newspapers at the time, The Times was able to deliver a diverse amount of information. The papers name was changed to The New York Times in 1857. The newspaper was “committed to accuracy, respectability, and completeness” (Lumsden, 1998). The paper did not take a political side but did provide information the public so each person could make his or her own informed decision. The Times was the first to provide a home and living section giving consumers information about decorating or fixing up their homes. This section was later changed to home and garden. The New York Times has been a news media mecca and even though subscriptions have dropped and people are going digital the paper will always be a staple in the news worthy world
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