COM150 Week 4 Assignment Documenting Sources

Review APA Citation and Reference Examples at the Associate Program CWE.
Log on to your student website.
Review and navigate through the CWE website:
• Click the Library tab at the top of your page.
• Click Center for Writing Excellence.
• Navigate to the left side of the screen, on which Writing Resources is located.
• Click Tutorials and Guides.
• Click the Associate Level Writing Style Handbook under Writing and Style Guidelines.
Review Ch. 2 of the Writing Style Handbook regarding formatting references.
Identify the topic and three subtopics for your expository essay.
Provide three credible sources from the Internet for your expository essay and create a reference list of the sources, formatted consistent with Associate Program style guidelines.
Address the following question: Which subpoint or subpoints from your prewriting method do these sources support? Explain your answer.
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