COMM 470 Week 1 DQ 1

Using e-commerce as an example, these distinctions are useful when differentiating between the various groups within the e-commerce framework. Are we dealing with people (buyers and sellers), public policy, marketing and research, support services, or business partnerships?

The natures of the transactions or interactions are also used to distinguish between the various classifications of EC.


1.  Business to Business: This classification deals directly with either businesses or organizations.

2.  Business to Consumer: Retail transactions of products and services from businesses to individual shoppers.

3.  Business to Business to Consumer: A business provides some product or service to a client business. The client business maintains its own customers.

4.  Consumer to Business: Consumers who use the internet to sell to corporations and other indivduals.

5.  Mobile Commerce: EC transactions and activities conducted in a wireless environment (E-Commerce 2008, p.10)


The list goes on and on and as can be seen from the previous classifications each one has a specific purpose. I believe this assists distinguishing between each type of classification.

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