EVERYTHING: Royalty-free surf drum loops and backing tracks ($19.99)

Build your own surf music or just jam along with these professionally produced drum loops and backing tracks in Apple/AIFF and Mp3 formats ... delivered to you instantly via email with safe Paypal shopping (and credit card, if you don't have a Paypal account). You get everything we offer for just $19.99, including:

  • 21 backing tracks (major, minor, different tempos/variations)

  • "Babe Magnet" pack ... Over 80 drum loops at 150 bpm

  • "No Lifeguard" pack ... Over 45 drum loops at 175 bpm

  • "Walkin' The Nose" pack ... A varity of drum loops at 145 and 155 bpm

  • "Under the Stars" pack ... Slower-paced drum loop sets at 75 and 130 bpm

For a sample backing track, watch the video above. Or hear a sample of the drum loops at http://bit.ly/2l4mUcN

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