HSM 240 Week 8 Private Funds

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HSM 240 Week 8 Private Funds
Identify a privately funded human service agency. Do not use the same agency you chose to analyze throughout the course.
Describe, in 200 to 350 words, the social problem the agency addresses and a program it uses to address that problem. How does this private agency fund or intend to fund the program? Describe what the agency must do to obtain continued funding.
DO NOT select the following organizations because they are not approved for evaluation in this course:
1.  The Covenant House http://www.covenanthouse.org/
2.  The Texas Workforce Commission.
3.   Any state Departments of Health and Human Services
4.  The American Red Cross
5.  The Salvation Army
6.  The Boys and Girls Clubs of America
7.   Any Organization that does not provide a direct benefit or service to consumers.
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