BLOCKS v.3.0. ADDON #2

Additional sections for BLOCKS Bootstrap builder. 10 additional sections that you can install and use in your sidebar.
Sections include:price sectionspromo sectionssliders (carousels)*
Warning! This addon is only compatible with the third version of the BLOCKS.

---*To use the sliders you need after adding a section in to your template change in the html code slider  and controls ID's according to the Bootstrap documentation 
How to install----Unzip archive with addon folder. Replace folder addons/contents/add4 to this folder including all its contents. Then, restart the program. If the new section did not appear in the sidebar, clear the browser cache and restart the browser again.====NOTE! Do not replace or remove sub-folders in addons folder less number 4 (from add1 to add3)Since this system folders of the program and this can lead to malfunction of of the program!
BLOCKS v.3.0. ADDON #2
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