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CIS 296 Week 1 Individual: Information Security Case Study

Find a recent example of an information security incident/breach in the news or online.

Write a 2-page Microsoft® Word paper addressing the following components related to the incident:

Summarize the incident
Explain the potential negative impacts the incident could have on the business
Identify the type(s) of threat(s)
Describe at least two prevention techniques that may have helped in this situation
Include a minimum of two references along with in-text citations for each.

Follow APA formatting guidelines.

Submit your paper using the Assignment Files tab.

CIS 296 Week 2 Individual: IT Strategy Guide – Operating Systems Business Proposal

Your company is now looking to potentially adopt a new operating system. You have been asked to create a business proposal to select a suitable operating system, describe it, and outline how to maintain it.

Utilizing your Learning Team collaboration, create a 2- to 3-page proposal in Microsoft®Word. Structure this as a proposal, rather than a research paper, with the intent being to convince the audience of your chosen operating system and its benefits.

At a minimum, include the following for this proposal:

Compare Windows®, Mac®, and Linux® operating systems
Explain the difference between closed and open source operating systems
For the selected operating system:
Outline the fundamentals of computer software configuration, file management, safety, recovery and security
Outline common troubleshooting situations and proper procedures to fix them
Explain the importance of maintenance and proper updates
Follow APA formatting guidelines.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.

CIS 296 Week 3 Individual: IT Strategy Guide – Hardware Reference Guide

Your organization has also asked you to research best practices in hardware maintenance and setup.

Based on your Learning Team collaboration, create a Microsoft® Word document that would be used as a quick reference guide in setting up, maintaining, and supporting your organization’s hardware resources.

Research online for an instructional resource addressing each bullet point below. These can include articles, whitepapers, how-to guides, tutorial videos, etc.

Summarize and describe the key points for each link, in roughly 50 to 100 words each. Include both the link and the summary for each of the 9 topics below:

Use built-in diagnostics and monitoring
Differentiate between motherboard components
Compare and contrast RAM types and features
Install and configure expansion cards, storage devices and appropriate media
Differentiate among various CPU types and features
Compare and contrast various connection interfaces and explain their purpose
Set up and deploy a computer/laptop/mobile device using a known imaging process or software
Install various computer peripherals
Explain the importance of hardware maintenance
Include references, and citations if necessary, for all online resources used.

Follow APA formatting guidelines for any works cited.

Submit your hardware reference guide using the Assignment Files tab.

CIS 296 Week 4 Individual: IT Strategy Guide – Mobile and Cloud Technology Executive Summary

As part of the organization’s continued growth strategy, executives want to adopt a more mobile workforce and have asked you to research and present your findings on the potential use of mobile and cloud technology solutions.

Based on your findings in the Learning Team collaborative discussion in addition to your own independent research, select three mobile or cloud solutions.

Write a 2- to 3-page executive summary describing their benefits. Structure the assignment as an executive briefing/report, rather than a research paper.

Include the following at minimum:

A summary of each of the three solutions and what features they provide
Potential ways to integrate each solution and why that integration is beneficial
How each of the selected solutions can improve productivity in the organization
A suggestion of which of the solutions you would implement and why
Follow APA formatting guidelines for any works cited.

Submit your Executive Summary using the Assignment Files tab.

CIS 296 Week 5 Individual: IT Strategy Guide – Desktop Support Training Presentation and Final Submission

Finally, the organization is looking to set up a desktop support team, and has asked you to prepare the foundation for training new team members.

Based on your Learning Team collaboration, create an 8- to 12-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint®training presentation that would be used to educate new members of your company’s desktop support team about their role and their responsibilities related to appropriate operational controls and procedures. Simply submitting slides is NOT sufficient. You can either:

record your voice over the presentation, and submit the file just as if you were giving the presentation
or, include detailed speaker notes for each slide with a transcript of what you would say
Address all of the following key points at a minimum:

The role of a desktop support professional, and the importance of professionalism in the workplace
The importance of desktop support professionals to the business environment
At least three things they can do to create a safe working environment
Proper disposal procedures for old computer equipment
Explain Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and its importance when dealing with customer data.
Compile all sections of the IT Strategy Guide. Update, if necessary, based on feedback from previous weeks. This should include all parts of the assignment from Weeks Two through Five.

Create a 90 to 175 word introduction to the IT Strategy Guide’s contents.

Submit your finalized IT Strategy Guide using the Assignment Files tab.
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